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The early days of I AM NOT PAPER were freaking awesome! Many late night bonding sessions, brainstorming til the break of dawn, tryin to crack the code of how best to help the environment.


And one night... it happened! Our fearless leader, (Bobo), climbed up onto the table in a moment of pure inspiration & went on an epic one hour rant, that beautifully summarised everything we were working on:

What makes us different, how we’re going to replace paper & plastic, how we’re going to help protect our forests & our seas, how we’re going to give back & how we will unite generations of people to make a real change in the most fun & easy of ways. Some of us were thinking WTF... some were all WOW, most of us had our jaws wide open, and then Bobo fell off the table & twisted his ankle! LOL. What a compostable night.


...And on this very night, we made a promise to each other & a pledge to ourselves, to embrace our differences, let our uniqueness shine, leverage our talents, & unite this group to work together to make a real difference.


After a group hug & an ice pack for Bobo’s foot, we wrote down the following agreements, which have stood the test of time & inspired everything we do & how we do it!


**Future proof everything: Innovate materials, design, R&D, products, manufacturing, customer service & marketing. Continuous improvement of everything.


**Infotainment, not boring education: Always inform in entertaining ways, gamification wherever possible, communicate in a fun, relaxed way, make people smile.


**No B.S.: No greenwashing, no bureaucracy, no suits, no ties, let transparency & honesty prevail, & lead with our hearts.


**Respect: We’re all different. No judgement, embrace everyone’s differences, & let love shine & be our inspiration.


**Give back: Drive environmental initiatives, support them, fund them, harness people power for the good.


**Authenticity: There’s no pretenders here & our products are the real deal. See us, & hopefully love us.


These are our agreements, our mantras we live & breathe. Everything you see from I AM NOT PAPER is inspired by these simple, yet powerful truths.


Crazy realists, or simply Banana’s? ..... You decide.

Peace xo

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