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Raw Material Collection

What can be used instead of trees and wood pulp? Has to be sustainable and repurposed! No habitat living in it. Here’s our secret. Leftover plants and by-product from our farm suppliers. There's so much by-product from the agricultural farming industry and fast growing plants available, so instead of throwing all this away, we use it to make 'I AM NOT PAPER' How good is that?. Very good, naturally.


Separating and Stripping

To begin the process, the raw materials are mixed together and passed through a stripper (not that kind Mr) where any bad stuff is removed. Don’t worry this excess is used as biofuel or soil fertilizer. Accepted 'I AM NOT PAPER' material chips are then dried and stored in huge bins ready for the next process.

Pulping Tech 

It’s bake time! 'I AM NOT PAPER' chips are then pressure-cooked in a huge digester, with a mixture of water and ‘secret herbs n’ spices’. Minus the bleach but plus to the organic feel! The pulp is turned into slush in the beater, ready to be tweaked according to whatever application it is needed for.



This is where the cellulose fibers pass through a refining and engineering process which is vital in the art of 'I AM NOT PAPER' making. Before refining, the fibers as badass! are stiff, inconsistent, inflexible and form few bonds. Here we open up and decluster the pulp fibers making the ends divide. This is called fibrillation. In this state, the fibers are pliable and have a greater surface area, which significantly improves the fiber bonding and performance we need down the track when we make our products.



Netflix, munchies, let's... Um almost done! The pulp fibers travel down the screen, water is drained away and reused. The resulting crude 'I am not paper' web is squeezed between large rollers to remove most of the remaining water and ensure smoothness and uniform thickness. The semi-dry web is then run through heated dryer rollers to remove the remaining water. The finished 'I AM NOT PAPER' is then re-rolled into large rolls with choices of different function grades and different thicknesses (gsm). Once 'I am not paper' sheets are fully dried, they are cut into sheets or keeps in rolls ready for printing and making products. Where's the design team?


Design AND RnD

Now we have 'I AM NOT PAPER' ready to rock, we Rethink, Reconsider, Replace, Reengineer, Reimagine, Rejuvenate, Reduce, and then Repeat, until we get it right. We examine every possible way we can to make product and packaging better, with a bias towards the best environmental outcome. We do this through industrial design, engineering, in-house prototyping and testing, graphic design, mini trials and test production. 


Printing AND Product Conversion

Colour, colour! 'I AM NOT PAPER' looks and feels so good raw/unprinted ofc! but when we need to print hero brands, cool copy, artwork that's pretty, bold, and wow, we do it using our (P-CMYK) plant-veggie and water-based inks only, which of course, are mates with mother nature.


Once printed, we roll up our sleeves, power up the machines to transform 'I AM NOT PAPER' into a vast array of finished products such as boxes, bags, cups, cartons, stationery etc. It is more than just cutting, stamping, folding, forming, gluing and coating. It is magic.


Quality Control

Job not done yet. Here, the quality control geeks inspect the finished 'I AM NOT PAPER' printed and converted products. No jokes here. It has to be just right before we release it.


Simple as that.



Out it goes! Our product is packed, loaded onto containers and shipped to our warehouses then direct to your door!


'I AM NOT PAPER' products will come in an outer box printed with a little tree with a heart in it. You got it..

This is how we make our paper better than paper. PS: we didn't reinvent the process much, just changed what goes into it!

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