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Check out our limited edition HEROES cups inked in the new gen3 plant 🌸 inks;)

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+No nasties, no bleach, no petros, no pfas, gen5 Ghost 👻 lined..scary home compostable!

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Hardware Cup 355ml - 12oz (1000) Lrg Hug

In stock
Product Details

Cup Material: PlantPulp RAW: (OFC no trees!)

Inner Lining: PlantPlaz GEN2: Petrochemical free
Colour: RAW, bleach free
Print: Pinka Plant Inks
Box Qty: 1000
Size mm: Top ø diameter 80 x height 117
Capacity: Designed true to spec 12oz = 355ml
Fit: Our ø80mm PlantPulp RAW Plastic Free Lids
Tree Free: Absolutely
Compostable: Yes*
Recyclable: Yes*
Planet Heroes: In-Store merchandising material

FAQ Link: *see our FAQ guide to learn a bit more

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