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STITC Cup 355ml - 12oz (1000) About in the middle

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Fools to the left of me, hipsters to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you!

You're a fan of hump day, and somewhere in the middle between a punk and librarian, you sheepishly give people the middle finger without them knowing.

You're no risk taker, but you ain't playin it safe either, you really are somewhere in the middle aren't you!

Cup Material: PlantPulp RAW: (OFC no trees!)
Inner Lining: PlantPlaz GEN2: Petrochemical free
Colour: RAW, bleach free
Print: Pinka Plant Inks
Box Qty: 1000
Size mm: Top ø diameter 80 x height 117
Capacity: Designed true to spec 12oz = 355ml
Fit: All our ø80 PlantPulp RAW Plastic Free Lids
Tree Free: Absolutely
Compostable: Yes*
Recyclable: Yes*
Planet Heroes: In-Store merchandising material

FAQ Link: *see our FAQ guide to learn a bit more

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Tested in ice baths in Siberia, steamy jungles in Malaysia & everywhere in between, they hold up! Straws don't suck & cups designed to *true Oz = Ml capacity for that 'pedantic barista' perfect coffee-2-milk ratio! NO plaz n all that jazz! Plastic free for our health & for planet sakes! 'Full on' ‘Fit for Purpose’ tech & Plantpulp Gen2 materials; Thicker, condensed fibres, won't collapse, leak, or break down in human use till you chuck us out... compostable to worm or turtle food ofc. Ps Love you lovelies for getting this far! Plz reach out for more goss!

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