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Cup 80mm 237ml - *True 8oz (900 cups) Sml

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PLZ NOTE FYI: *This true 8oz is the 6oz 'some' got wrong. (Plz measure the volume & size below)

Cup Material: PlantPulp RAW: (OFC no trees!)

Inner Lining: Plant & water based barrier G-5
Colour: RAW, bleach free
Print: Pinka Plant Inks
Box Qty: 900
Size mm: Top ø diameter 80 x height 79
Volume: Designed true to spec 8oz = 237ml
Fit: Our ø80mm PlantPulp RAW Plastic Free Lids
Tree Free: Absolutely

HOME Compostable: Yes AS 5810

Recyclable: Yes by design, but please check your local council for approval before recycling

Planet Heroes: In-Store merchandising material


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