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Grab a coffee this aint a short read... But it's all you need to know.

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If You're 'NOT Paper’. Then what the ... are you? & DID YOU DEVELOP this 'NOT PAPER'?

OFC we developed I AM NOT PAPER, only took us 8 years... And the grade & spec are designed ('fit for purpose') for each & every finished product.

It looks like paper, feels, acts, prints, tastes (we've tried it), holds coffee, wraps burgers, takes notes... like paper. But it's not paper... cause we've developed our I AM NOT PAPER to be made from anything &everything sustainable, natural, BUT NOT trees. Not man managed trees, not old growth, recycled wood, not even plantation timber. So, lots of love for our forests & the animal habitat they provide. 

Our tech is called PlantPulp. Using agri by-products & fast growing plants.

E.g. wheat stems, reed, sugarcane bagasse, husks & straw, textiles & cordage wastes. Fiber crops & wild plants tamed by woman-kind, such as kenaf, hemp, jute, bamboo & flax.

Over the centuries, paper has been made from a wide variety of materials such as papyrus (the OG of inputs babeee), grass, cotton, wheat straw, sugar cane waste, flax, bamboo, wood, linen rags, & hemp (calm down kids, not that kind). Regardless of the source, you need fiber to make paper. That's our flash back!

Before we created I AM NOT PAPER, modern paper pulp came mainly from two sources — tree wood & recycled paper products. Both devastating to forests, ecosystems, habitat, & industry. But, it doesn't have to be like that; NO MORE, NOT EVER :)


compostable? biodegradable?

accelerated Industrial processing? Really? how long?

We’ve spent a lot of time on this. Here’s the honest truth.


Start of life:

I AM NOT PAPER is designed, developed & always made to not contribute to deforestation. Tick! But what about when we use the products and throw them away?


End of life:

Because I AM NOT PAPER is made from PlantPulp, not Wood chips, and contains NO petro-chems / plastic whatsoever, when disposed of in a natural aerobic environment, buried in a backyard or landfill soil, or with other food scraps & compost material, or commercial compost facilities, it will naturally and totally biodegrade and compost back to nature.

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Unfortunately a lot of “Compostable” labeled packaging is misleading. Especially most of the “compostable” plastic/“bio-plastic” cups & cup lids. 

Hopefully with more awareness & industry actually trying & developing better products (like ours;)... things will change for the better sooner rather than later for our environment.


In saying that, theres a lot to consider & to work on in getting the balance right between compostability and function / fit for purpose when designing & manufacturing product.


Compost times? So, here it gets a li'l technical. And we need to be honest. There is no exact time frame. This depends on the the consistency of temperature & the volume of its surrounds, moisture, humidity, physical agitation etc etc. Nonetheless, rest assured we’ve tested and tested this internally and I AM NOT PAPER PlantPulp-Board becomes worm food & fully gone in around 8 weeks most of the time. If you like worms and dirt check out our instagram and see what the peeps are saying, and web for vids showing it all!


This goes for our I AM NOT PAPER PlantPulp-Cast cup LIDS as well. Standard biodegradable, compostable, "eco-plastic" lids have trouble composting and biodegrading... if at all. It's why you see them in creeks, parks and all over the place, dropped by twits who don't care.


Anyway, this is why we have developed our I AM NOT PAPER lids to be made from PlantPulp also. Zero plastic. So they wont hang around forever, or hurt marine or estuarine life. And, frankly, we're extremely proud of this!


This leads us to another challenge. I AM NOT PAPER “food use” cups, containers, bags, need an inner protective coating for liquid proofing. Most Plant based 'eco' linings still use some % of petrochemicals in the mix. This prevents them from properly biodegrading or composting. We DEVELOP ours without any petrochemicals added. None at all. And yep, we're pretty dang proud of this also, maybe even more proud of this than of our cups!

We are going though the process now with AU certification on home compostability. It’s taking some time... cos no one in Australia really knows how to do this straight away. We will post out the results when we have them. 


Further processing on an industrial scale:

Apart from composting, we work with some amazing companies like Eco Guardians. Who develop Dehydrating process chamber bins. These Chambers take food scraps - and our packaging - of all kinds, and heat, dehydrate and shred them into an additive that can be added back into the soil or into fertiliser for farmers or “you and I” to use on our gardens all in 16 hours! Again, proudly our I AM NOT PAPER cups and lids work a treat here unlike nearly all other like products!


recycled / RECYCLABLE? 

We're keeping this short n sweet. Once we thought recycling was the answer to all of our material ills, & in some areas it still is. Unfortunately, when it comes to “normal” paper and plastic based products... not so much. Here's why:

* Enough energy involved that can wake Frankenstein;

* Excessive litres of water;

* Detergents; Bleaches; Chemicals;
* Diesel, electricity & gas... basically fuel inputs;
* Expense;

* Pickup costs & energy/diesel used;

* Public misuse; 
* Strain on recycling plants due to oversupply, rejection, sorting and contamination issues... where they actually exist...

' And although most paper products can be recycled in theory... Most food & drink packaging, paper with any protective bio/plastic lining or film, and heavily printed paper is sadly best directed to landfill. Happy news if the paper product is compostable (ours is), once buried nature will do it's bit and say it's goodbyes.


> Not so fun fact – did you know that ‘recycled’ paper normally has only a maximum of 30% ‘post consumer’ material? The rest being either virgin forest (FSC) or plantation sourced.... Great((



OK, easy. Apart from our own testing, (and we are nuts! we all drank everything from our cups n lids for a month. Water, hot bevs, fizzy drinks, even the Friday night after work kind) we also have given our cups with our LIDS to a big bunch of individuals for pre market tests. All ages, and we're talking blind fold comparisons here...


From this we performed our commercial mini trial last year in 2019, where we put thousands of cups with our LIDS in cafes across Melbourne. (Great feedback, made some tweeks, and just released our Gen II). Here's some data from the peeps, not us:


* Wow absolutely Fre%&n love your cups & lids! 

* Feels great on the lips. Natural feel, not like that cheap plastic crap.

* No odour on yours! it's the plastic ones that smells!

* Love it, conducts heat so well. My lips never felt hot like on standard lids.

* Was worried coffee is gonna taste like paper lol. Not true. Well done!

* Love the colour. Suits coffee! You can tell its real deal eco.

* I've re-used your lid a few times, rinse & go. They don't crack like the plastic ones. Great quality these.  

* Your right on! buried them in the backyard. 1 month later couldn't find them lol. 

* Can't go wrong with these bad boys! Love the logo on the lids. They suit the cups perfectly. Make more products already!

* Yeh just a little more pricy than my old plastic lids. But sticking with you guys! My customers love them! We love them too. keep it up.

Food safety; Our PlantPulp material is developed with some wheat by-product in the mix, but it is definitely safe, (FDA approved) because after the vigorous heat treatment & production process there is no live matter or protein active.  Also there is a coating barrier that separates liquid contact.


what's planet heroes all about?

If you love what we do and use our products, you're no longer contributing to deforestation or plastic pollution! You're doing your bit:) so that makes you a PLANET HERO!


But it comes at a price. You're gonna get 'HERO' gear (masks, stickers, display cards, tights... etc) to let everyone know. AND as with all heroes- you'll need to save the day:


Spread awareness, be involved in 'HERO' days & community projects / missions we will host with the rest of the PLANET HEROES from time to time, or whenever you see the light in the sky. 


Please note, this is why we exist. To save our forests & make the world a better place through education & awareness. We're not just another packaging company. We'll be in touch after you reach out or place an order.   





We're pretty hands on, and used to deliver our products ourselves, smashing coffees with the hero cafes. Well mostly Paul did cause he gets up at 5am... But then he cracked it & said he's getting too old for this stuff! LOL

So we went automated & hooked up with Star Track to pick and deliver. Which means you get your goods in 1-4 days. Usually the next day if your order is placed before 11:30 am. Great for you guys & great for us not having to listen to Paul's whinging no more...

We're blessed not to have had any issues so far. But if you're not happy with our products, call us for a replacement or your money back! No probs at all.


No minimum orders, all avail on our online shop. 




Sure thing. Call us up for exact lead times & production slots avail. Usually around 8-12 weeks landed, with minimum runs of around 50 boxes on most products at no extra charge. Including the product design and graphic artwork, all on us.

We also re-work pricing for larger orders paid up. Consigning stock to you or to our warehouse to distribute to you over time.

Either way - let's talk!


I've got more questions?

Call us up or email, we're happy to talk anything through.

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