NEW lockdown support pricing !

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NEW lockdown

support pricing!


* Preeemium ‘Fit for Purpose’ tech.

Materials designed for perfect function.

- Thicker, condensed natural fibres -> keeps coffee hot, hands cool & lips unburnt.

* Second generation lids, always locked, always stiff (not being too rude here).

- Plastic free for our health & the planet!


Tattoos are printed with plant based inks.

* 'Zero Leak Seam' Technology. Skirt, shirt & hot pants proof!

Tested in ice baths in Siberia, steamy jungles in Malaysia & everywhere in between

-> they hold up!

- Reuse me twice functionality.

Take me home baby and...

* Designed to true Oz = Ml capacity 

Our true 8 is the 6 'they' talk about. 

5 sizes avail for that 'pedantic barista' perfect coffee-2-milk ratio!