I AM NOT PAPER exists to create products that allow humans and nature to exist in harmony. We want to end the use of forest-reliant paper products because they cause deforestation, animal and habitat destruction. 

If you want to know the truth, it actually started back in 1983 when our founder was cast in the school play, in the best part any kid could hope to get – Yep, he was the Tree.  Fast forward to 2010 and he spent over 8 years on the floors of drafty factories across Asia, taking fast growing plants, reclaimed agricultural bi-product, and any other bits and pieces that would have otherwise been burned up into the atmosphere; and made it into paper. Except, it isn't paper. 

Our focus today, is to design and manufacture paper products that have been re-engineered and re-purposed it into whatever paper can be. Using our material made from plant pulp instead of wood pulp, is our way of kicking deforestation in the b*lls!

Our parent company is Planet Ecologica, which is made up of our founder, employees, individual investors and as little “suits” as possible. We are based out of Australia, with offices in China, Hong Kong, Europe and recently North America. Our brand started in Australia and is becoming available worldwide. 

paper instead

of plastic?

come on..

paper aint

the plastic


be part of

post paper


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