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it ain’t paper. The cutting down of trees to make paper from ‘virgin wood pulp’ is devastating. Deforestation results in the destruction of habitat, extinction of animals, loss or food sources for countless species, less oxygen for all of us to breathe, global warming and an endless array of other harm. That’s why we’ve developed the I AM NOT PAPER ‘paper’.


It looks like, feels like, prints and acts like paper, but isn’t. We call it I AM NOT PAPER because it’s ‘Non-Forest-Reliant’.


Unlike recycled, sustainably managed, whatever you want to call it; our material doesn’t come from a forest. Instead, it’s made from PlantPulp™ bi-product that the agricultural industry would have thrown away, until we’ve swung in and said we’ll take your trash tiger; and then re-purposed it to be re-used as I AM NOT PAPER™ ‘anything you can imagine’. That means not even one tree needs to be cut down, animal left homeless or habitat destroyed. Ever!


We’ve tricked it out too. 100% reclaimed, recyclable, compostable, biodegradable and printed with plant based inks. Holla at that young blood!. Since the day we took it out for a spin, we’ve been designing, manufacturing and distributing products that don’t f@k up our planet.


In fact, over the last three years, we’ve produced more than 190, 000 tons of I AM NOT PAPER™ This has prevented more than 3.8 million trees from being destroyed, which absorbed 84 million kg of CO2 from polluting our air. That’s like taking 18,000 cars off the road. Imagine what more we can do if you fine folks start buying our stuff!

See, it wasn’t all about us.




Ok so none of us has a mohawk as cool as Mr T's, but we've got a plan to save the earth and our community. It'll just take a little longer than 5 minutes commercial free. The idea that forests were being cleared to make paper products, especially the single-use disposable kind, disgusted our founder Sav. The cruelty ensuing from this destruction on the animals, the habitat and eco-system en masse is seriously WRONG. Sav went underground. Working with the Chinese for OVER A DECADE secret agent style. He came back with more than just a fetish for wearing socks with sandals and an unnatural attachment to pandas. He had developed the 'I am not paper'material. Here in Melbourne, a crackin team was put together, joining forces to fight against deforestation. We are local folks making products better for the environment, while at the same time pumping proceeds into projects to help our community (we call these social missions). This is what the post-paper generation is and we want you to join! C'mon, become an Eco-Hero! We'll lay it out for you- Swap your current paper product (..that means your cups, boxes, napkins, bags, tags and anything else you got made out of paper..)  to 'I am not paper' and you will save the remaining forests we have left and protect the wildlife living within! Everyone on the planet will know you're a hero! We'll make sure of that. You'll love our passion and definitely notice we're a little cheeky too. Forgive us. Some of us are deep into a midlife lycra-wearing crisis, the skinny jean, fade cut, calling everyone 'bro kind. But seriously. We're gonna have some fun along the way! Not so bad when you consider most other superheroes swing around the city in tights.


So surf around the site. Be our guest. 

Read more, learn more. Do more - together.


Really, it’s not ‘about us’ at all.