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Excuse me, Can we make your packaging better? #forestfree


What if a product re-design was more than just a new colour scheme, what if a product re-design really meant something?

To us, product and packaging is about much more than aesthetics. It is about your brand and where you want it to go into the future, your product and what it means to the consumer, and of course your ideas about your own product.


We Rethink, Reconsider, Replace, Reengineer, Reimagine, Rejuvenate, Reduce, and then Repeat, until we get it right. We examine every possible way we can make your packaging better, with a bias towards the best environmental outcome. We do this through industrial design, engineering, in-house prototyping and testing, graphic design and branding. We have complete confidence that when it comes to product design you won’t find a better partner to give your product the competitive edge. When you engage us to work on your product, you end up with what you might call, the complete package…

We're here to improve your product and packaging by making it more environmentally sustainable, better performing, and better looking of course. We have a way of working that enables us to achieve the best outcomes for our clients. We mix creative design with manufacturing principles, we mix friendly meetings with tight deadlines. It’s a systems approach, with a bit of flexibility thrown in. Try working with us, and we know that both you and our planet will love the results.

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